Malachite Stalactites from Congo, sometimes, they are fake

I have been looking for awhile for a really good fake Malachite Stalactite specimen on eBay to show you, however, I haven’t seen any on eBay in a long time. A good thing too!

But Mike from Geological Desires showed me a fantastic fake specimen…

What they do is take some powdered Malachite and spray it onto some plasterized Malachite Stalactite base. When you hit it with the UV light you can see all the glue glowing bright yellow/orange in the background.

So, when you see a Malachite Stalactite specimen, check it out for the powdered Malachite surface and check it out with a UV light first to see if the glue stands out!

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  1. JRW Says:

    I recently purchased what I thought was a very fine malachite stalactite specimen from a reputable and experienced mineral dealer from Quebec, Canada (in fact, the specimen looked quite similar to the one in the above photograph). Afer getting over my initial excitement over this charming piece, something about it set off alarm bells when I started to examine it closely. I do not have a black light, but do have a disecting microscope and after some closer inspection, I discovered what appeared to be a resinous material along an edge that could be scraped away with an exacto knife….very supicious indeed. And the ‘too-perfect’ crystal coating did not stand up to close scrutiny under the microscope either– under magnification it looks like what it really is — junk. Upon returning the piece to the dealer, he was so sure of himself that he did not hesitate to take the specimen and have it X-rayed –as I had suggested. A few days later, the truth….an X-ray revealed a spiral wire neatly implanted within each of the stalactites….. I was faced with one very sheepish looking dealer who along with some other experienced collectors and dealers, had been duped into believing this was a genuine – and rare – item. It is very unfortunate to see how prevelent and far reaching the fraud artists have become in all domains and this experience has served to put me on alert. So collectors (and dealers) need to be on their toes at all times. Incidentally, to the dealers credit, he rewarded me handsomely for this discovery. Also, many thanks to this site and others like it that provide an invaluable service in letting us know just whats out there.

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