New Fake Minerals Guide on The-Vug.com

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

The-Vug.com has the best guide to mineral fakes and forgeries online and it just got better!!

The guide has been refreshed and now it is, hands down, the very best mineral fakes page online.
It seperates the fake minerals into different subjects;

  • Man Made Crystals
  • Coated Crystals
  • Chemical Reaction to Crystals
  • Mechanic Alteration of Crystals
  • Irradiation of Crystals
  • Heat Treatment of Crystals
  • Dyeing of Crystals
  • Misrepresentation
  • Hoax
  • Artisian products
  • YOU can HELP spread this information far and wide by posting this link on your facebook, in your club newsletter, on your website or blog, on a post at that social networking site you love so much or ANYWHERE! People should know the basics of these scams so they don’t get scammed while visiting a gem and mineral show in Tucson or Denver!


    Some of the new addition to the guide are a video showing how to form bismuth crystals, new “man modified” crystals, better examples of irradiated heliodor and smoky quartz. Photos of the roasted acanthite ore silver specimens are available to view, though the mineral community would like to silently sweep that one under the rug. The legendary scam lapidary item, Cal-Silica is featured, along with all your favorite range of dyed minerals!

    If you never checked out the old guide, here is your chance to get a fresh view! If you are familiar with the classic guide, you’ll love our new updated version! Thanks to everyone at The-Vug.com for providing the new content and thanks to you for sharing it with your friends!

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