Copper Treated Andesine Gemstones!

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

One of my favorite websites for gemstone scams is gone, but it was…Colored-Stone.com! There are always people coming up with new ways to dye, irradiate, heat and otherwise screw with the color of a natural gem.

Well, this material, “Andesine Labradorite” has been on the market for awhile, mimicing the most sought after colors and effects shown in top quality Oregon sunstone. Long story short…injected with dye. Whoot!

Andesine Gem Rough EXPOSED!

You should go to this website and read the whole story. It is quite amazing!

To sum it up, this material that was claimed to be completely 100% natural was actually treated, as suspected.

Fake Copper Specimens from China

Friday, July 18th, 2008

First off I want to thank each and everyone who has sent in alerts to FakeMinerals.com! We love getting your feedback and article ideas!

During Tucson of 2008 a mineral dealer recieved these specimens from a Chinese dealer. Just as soon as they were unwrapped they were wrapped back up to be returned! Obviously these matrix Copper specimens are quite fake. These natural specimens have these copper splashes on them as an afterthought.
I hate Fake Rocks!

I have scanned eBay and the internet and I have not seen any more examples of these for sale, but as always, be aware that manufacturing specimens is a never ending endevor for some!

I hate Fake Rocks!

I was alerted to this fraud by a reader of FakeMinerals.com. Thanks John!